Spare a few septims for a poor beggar?


I hate locked content behind a paywall when it comes to modding stuff. I'm not doing that and never will.

Please, read this whole page to know what this shit is all about.

You know what I hate the most about the modern internet? Eveything is about money.
I really miss those early 2000's days, where everything in the internet was about porn.

Still, here I am...

Anyway, I've always been a man that plans ahead.
Sure, it has bitten me in the ass more than it worked as expected, but it's not like I have anything to lose this time.

You see, this page has been growing (thanks!) faster than I expected.
That means in some years we will get to the point where I would need to upgrade from a free account to a paid one.

And I really think it's fair.
Those guys at Neocities are an awesome bunch that indeed keep to their promise of not putting ads in our pages.

There's only one problem:
There's no way an unemployed and perpetually depressed and suicidal shitstorm like me can afford that[1].

As you can see from the link I posted, if I pay the equivalent to $100 USD in Bitcoins, I get a perpetual upgrade.
I expect to reach that goal through your awesome donations[2] over the course of many years, so it will perfectly fit with the time I expect a paid plan to be necessary.

Don't worry, though. When that quantity is reached, I will close this begging thing for two reasons.

So, this is the wallet:


It will be quite easy to track how much money was raised because it's not like I'm going to use my wallet for any other thing.

I'll keep the main page updated so to be as transparent as possible, not to shove in your face "You haven't given me money".
I hate that shit even more than begging, paywalls or C++.

What happens if the goal is never reached?

Earth will be displaced from its orbit, the profecies of Baba Vanga this time will totally come true, all national anthems from all countries will become reguetón songs from that "Bald Bunny" guy, queen Elizabeth will finally openly reveal she is a Martian[4], Elder Scrolls 6 will come out in 2056 and will be "Skyrim 8K, but in Klingon" and this site will be down quite a lot due to exceeded bandwidth caps.

Sure, some of those things may not happen, but are you willing to take the chance?

... are you???

  1. No. I'm not making shit up or exagerating facts just to gain sympathy, like any stupid instathot.
    I'm a man, after all; a middle aged one, to make matters worse. Confessing these kind things only gets you ostracized "for being weak and not working hard enough".

    I really wish I was a normal person with not an (evidently :v) broken mind and soul.
    But I was never normal in my whole miserable life, anyway. ↩︎

  2. Here's something I learned about money some time ago: the real value of money is that it represents the time it took to you to earn it. Time you will never get back, no matter what you do.
    So, when you are donating/spending money you are actually giving someone else a part of your life.

    Do I need to say how there will never be words to express my gratitude to all of those who decided to give me a part of their lives? ↩︎

  3. Yeah, sure... keep dreaming, assholes. ↩︎

  4. Well, this actually sounds kind of awesome. ↩︎