I don't plan to talk about whatever the hell everyone is already talking about, but actual useful things.

Many times I've got myself thinking, "there's no fucking one in this world I could ever ask about how to do this", so I'll write here those kind of things.

If you see something here it means I couldn't find it anywhere else.

Skyrim SE modding

These are tutorials for Papyrus beginners, not mine.
You are expected to have some experience working with Papyrus in Skyrim to understand what follows next.

Well... no more Papyurs will be found here. Read this page to find out why.
Most content here will be about Skyrim Platform, unless otherwise stated.

All following articles[1] are sorted by difficulty.
While I tried to make them look as easy as possible, you will find that actually doing these things by yourself justify the difficulty level I assigned to them.

Remember this is a "modder's corner" of sorts. Almost nothing from here will make sense to you if you aren't creating your own mod.







Here be dragons

NiOverride (beyond legendary)

Yep. This actually deserves its own difficulty level.

Typescript content[2]:

  1. You will notice some of them just exist in name. This means I'm working on it or I'm planning to do so.
    Think of those as a public to-do list I did to myself. ↩︎

  2. Beyond this point everything will use Typescript for samples and such, but the same ideas still apply to Papyrus.
    You will notice the syntax for calling NiOverride functions from Typescript is exactly the same as Papyrus, thanks to my work on that. ↩︎